Makeup tips step by step:

Makeup tips : if you learn how to do make-up on your own, then you will avoid the hassle of going to the parlor in small functions. Follow these 5 easy steps and get perfect face in just 15 minutes…
There is no doubt that it is an art in which not everyone can specialize but if you understand the basics of makeup well then without wasting much time, you will be able to make perfect makeup every time before leaving home. Follow these 5 easy steps and learn in just 15 minutes Perfect makeup look.

1. Moisturizer and sunscreen

If your face is not completely moisturized and sun-protected, any kind of makeup cannot give a perfect look to your face. So clean the face thoroughly before applying makeup, then tone it and apply a good moisturizer. After this, do not forget to apply sunscreen on the face as well as hands and feet.

2. The correct base is important

Makeup base is very important, so use a light foundation or BB-CC cream for a strong base. Mix it well with the help of a beauty blender and wait a little so that your skin can absorb it. If you live in a hot or humid place, do not use heavy foundation, otherwise your face will look very cakey.

3. Use Concealer

If you have dark circles, pimples or spots on your face, then the concealer is very important for you. Always buy a concealer that is a tone lighter than your skin and use it only in those places where it is very important.

4. Compact & Blush

To set the makeup, apply compact powder all over the face and then use a light colored blush. Apply the blush from one side of the cheekbones to the other side of the cheekbones. Also on the tip of the nose, on the forehead and on the neck.

5. Eye makeup and lipstick

Now that the makeup has been set on the face, now it is the turn of the eyes and lips. After applying eyeliner and mascara to the eyes, you can also apply your favorite color lipstick or matching lipstick with an outfit. If lipstick is not preferred, lip gloss or lip balm can also be used.

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