Men’s hairstyle- according to their face

Men’s hairstyle- Be it Bollywood stars or cricketers or footballers, they have always interfered in our lives. From wearing clothes to eating, body building in the gym to hairstyles. For all these things, we consider these stars as our idol. Hrithik or Shahrukh keep a new hairstyle, then we immediately reach for the same haircut. Time to time change your hairstyle to look like your favorite stars. But no matter how much we try, we cannot look like them.
Actually, every person should keep his hairstyle according to his face, jaw line and forehead. If you want a hairstyle like Salman Khan, then it is important to have a forehead and face like that. Let us tell you today which hairstyle will suit you according to your face.

1) Round Face Cut

Those whose face is round, the length and width of their faces are also equal. If your hair is straight, then you keep the hair on the back very short whereas the front hair should be 3 to 4 inches long. This haircut will look good on people with round faces.

2) Square Face Cut

If you talk about this haircut, then football star David Beckham would be the best person. In such a face, the jawline is flat, but wide. In which the length and width of the face are approximately equal. The front hair should be long on the face of such a strong jawline, while the hair on the sides and back should be short.

3) Oblong Face Cut

This type of face is the longest of all the faces. In this, the length of the forehead, cheeks and jaws are almost the same. On this type of face, the back and side hair should be kept in half the size of the front hair. Do not put a beard on such a face, otherwise the face will look even longer. Small, but trim shave will look better on such a face.

4) Triangular Face Cut

The jawline of such a face is much wider than the forehead and the cheekbone. To maintain face and hair balance, the size of the hair around the head should be equal. If the face is long, you can keep the trim shave. Round faces do not need this.

5) Diamond Face Cut

This type of face is very few people, that’s why it is called Diamond Face. In such a face, the jawline is very wide compared to the forehead. Therefore, to hide such a wide jawline, such faces should keep the front hair long till the ears and the back hair should be half against it. A clean shave look suits a person with such a facelift.

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